This clinic has a great care team that focuses on individualized care and goals. They continue to motivate you and have a variety of options to help you meet your health goals. I highly recommend making a visit if you are trying to lead a healthier life and meet personal goals.

Dipti S

The CMWL weight loss clinic at North River Primary Care is phenomenal! The staff is so professional and encouraging. They really help you develop a plan and help you stay accountable. They truly set you up for success.

Hannah G

The staff have been exceptional with communication regarding weight loss and my options. They have been there to encourage me with each visit and help me keep focused on my goals. They have provided me with different options on how to achieve my weight loss and to keep the weight off. I would recommend them to anyone needing someone to help with losing weight.

Kelly K

I have been visiting this clinic for 2 months now and have had the best experience! I was ready for a change and Mrs. Kim and her team have made this mental and physical transition absolutely amazing. I could not have hoped for a better support system in helping me reach towards my goal. With every visit there is at least a 30 minute discussion about how you feel you've done in between visits. Great mentor and doesn't make you feel like a failure if you a rough week. She steers you back in the right direction. I personally am so glad I made the decision to try them!

Darci S

An amazing place that cares about your overall health and wellness. Very awesome staff with positive and caring attitudes.

Tasha G